Established in 2012, ANE focused on supporting vulnerable local communities affected by natural disasters in pastoral and agro-pastoral regions of Ethiopia. Since then, ANE has increasingly proved its organizational and operational capacities in the provision of critical humanitarian needs of refugees from neighboring countries Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan and vulnerable host communities in the project locations. Through integrated services approach the needs of refugees and vulnerable communities addressed with various humanitarian services.This includes construction of Emergency and Transitional shelters,water sanitation and hygiene (WASH),Access Roads,Bridge and Airstrip construction, Maintenance and Construction of schools, Health Facilities Construction, Provision of Supplementary food Distribution, Cloth distribution to Orphan and Other Vulnerable Children and educational material support.

In the past 8 years, ANE has reached more than one and half millions beneficiaries including about 800,000 refugees and 750,000 vulnerable host communities, IDPs and IDP Returnees In different part of country.

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From Chairman

H.E Ambassador Asfaw Dengamo

Chairman, ANE Board of Directors

Today, despite multiple efforts made, there is still a need to exhibit extra commitments at all levels including at the level of individuals, organizations, associations, governments, UN Agencies and donors to continue the provision of optimal humanitarian assistance to improve the daily lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable people including refugees, internally displaced persons(IDPs) and the victims of drought and other adverse factors in Ethiopia.

Although the progress made to date is quite notable and , at times, remarkable, the multi-faceted challenges facing the refugees and vulnerable host communities in Ethiopia still ...... Read more

From Managing Director

Mr. Salihu Sultan

Managing Director,

At the virtue of concluding the 2019 budget year, we are substantially satisfied with our project activity performances supporting refugee, internally displaced people (IDP) and needy local communities throughout provision of basic services in Oromia, Gambella, Benishangul- Gumz, Somali, South Nation Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP), Tigray and Afar Regional States, Ethiopia.

As a result, ANE continues to be considered as dependable locally established humanitarian organization ensuring a streamlined process of leadership and management striving to address basic needs of most affected people ...... Read More

Reaching and Serving the most Vulnerable !

Major Achievements

Construction of Air strip

In 2017, ANE constructed and made ready an air field 900meters length by 30meters width and a runway. This was done using ANE’s own resources to ease the serious access problem refugees and host communities face, related with landing of air crafts, in Melkadida town, Somali Region.

Bridge construction

To overcome the serious challenges refugees and host communities face, ANE has successfully constructed one slab bridge in Bambasi refugee camp and 2 foot bridges in Gure- shembora refugee camp in Benishangul-gumuz with the financial and technical support from UNHCR/ARRA.

Shelter Construction

since 2016, ANE has constructed and handed over 350 transitional shelters and about 400 tents in Terkidi refugee camp.


Abdi Bulle


It was a predictable of death for individuals who had lived a life with threats of violence. Thus, as the result of violence broke out in my village, I found died bodies of my two children and my wife who was seriously injured on her skull by rebels on my return home from my casual work. By the time, .....

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 Recent News

Emergency Relief Support Program in Support of Drought Affected People in Borena Zone

Emergency Relief Support Program in Support of Drought Affected People in Borena Zone

  • 06 January, 2022

During the assistance distribution conducted on the 6th of January 2022, ANE was able to provide a total of 60,000 Kg of Maize, 20,000 kg of....read more

Distribution of CRI Items to Internally Displaced people in Dessie and Kombolcha Town in partnership with UNHCR

Distribution of CRI Items to Internally Displaced people in Dessie and Kombolcha Town in partnership with UNHCR

  • 25 October, 2021

This CRI distribution was conducted on the 25th of October 2021 in Dessie Town....read more

NFI Distribution Activities at Sherkole Woreda, Assosa Zone

NFI Distribution Activities at Sherkole Woreda, Assosa Zone

  • 22 October, 2021

ANE, along UNHCR and DRMC, has successfully managed the distribution of Core Relief Items (CRIs). ...read more

ANE successfully conducted its 2021 Mid-Year Review

ANE Has Successfully Conducted Its 2021 Mid-Year Review For Two Days From 30 – 31 August, 2021 @ Kings Hotel

  • 31 August, 2021

In attendance were HQ Executive Management members and Senior Management Members of Branch Offices. ...read more

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